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A site for people just to talk and hange out talk about anything on their mind! But it is Also home of the Twilight Shadow Clan!
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Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:21 am by WhiteShadowGod

» Twilight-Shadow Clan Info/Join
Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:13 am by WhiteShadowGod

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 Twilight-Shadow Clan Info/Join

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PostSubject: Twilight-Shadow Clan Info/Join   Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:13 am

First information of this clan is simple. Its for people to hang out and chat, but this is bigger then the site. This is for friends to become family, the whole site is free to explore but its your choice if you want to join this Crusade! But to join this clan there is a code of valor and honer! Shadow sounds so Dark but it is of Light and Dark the path of destiny that only you may choose for your self. Darkness comsumes Light and Light peirces Dark the vicious cycle of Life. Life and Death, Dark and Light, the path is clear its easy to see open your mind to this world see the power of Shadow. Theirs so many connections to Shadow through Life. Just see the Light and accept the Dark! It reveals all mysterys of Life, it creates a ballance of mind and body. Light and Dark the powers of all Elements. We join togather, to bring ballance to our selves and the World. More info soon....

To join all you have to do is fallow these stepps, you dont have to make an account to the site just to join the Twilight Shadow Clan.

Arrow 1) Start letting your mind wander of the connections of Life and between Light and Dark, be free to see the Shadows.
Arrow 2) Become nicer, more patient to people, and more understanding.
Arrow 3) Become deffensive for yourself and others, but never aggresive.

1) Never fear for Life untill you've staired in the eyes of Death.
2) Every one is uniqe and special, but no one is different.

See the Light and accept the Dark!
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Twilight-Shadow Clan Info/Join
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